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Rachel Knee is embarking on a journey of creating greater inner peace. Inner peace is one of the most important human experiences. The ability to appreciate what you have and also the good in yourself.

“…all the things that truly matter…beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace…arise from beyond the mind, from your inner stillness” – Eckhart Tolle

To uncover the strengths in yourself you must unleash creative courage by pursuing a life that chooses curiosity and creativity over fear.

Historically Rachel has followed scientific pursuits, one might say using intellect over intuition. At school and then into university undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Science). She missed out on graduating by two subjects, but that is somewhat irrelevant now. After University she acquired a job within the water industry and over approximately 7 years worked in jobs that treated peoples urban drinking water and waste-water. Within the same industry she also worked in customer service and agriculture.

It was Rachel’s time spent in the agricultural sector that made her realise her love for nature. The more she delved into self discovery the more she became uncomfortable with her choice of career. She loved working with sheep and the land but became increasingly interested in business and creative endeavours like photography. In the end her husband Matthew (Matty) had a job transfer and they had to move out of the area. This forced Rachel to leave her job and she then spent the next few years studying business, photography and general self improvement.

The Inner Peace Project is the result of hurdles Rachel has faced in transitioning from a scientific background into artistic endeavours.

Hurdles and limiting beliefs Rachel has encountered are ‘I’m not enough”, “you can’t make a career out of art”, “is art important?” Rachel is now redefining her past experiences that no longer serve her, weeding out other peoples opinions that don’t match up with her values and learning to follow her intuition instead of getting all ‘heady’ and intellectual.

Rachel wants to create an environment around her that is healthier, filled with conscious choices and present moment awareness. Rachel wants to be present for her children and husband foremost. She wants to pursue the questions of what leads to greater inner peace and then implement these hence why this endeavour is called the inner peace project.