Thursday 30/05/2019

This week the Inner Peace Project and my endeavours to pursuit my dreams have felt so overwhelming that I have struggled to do anything when I have found an hour here and there. Therefore the time I did get I wasted. As a mother I can’t afford to waste time, as it feels like a luxury to get an hour if at all. By being frozen in overwhelm it led to me feeling pure frustration.

The best thing I did do yesterday, when I felt this overwhelm and confusion and had no clarity of what to do next, was to journal. It enabled more clarity of purpose and a plan for the next week ahead.

The overwhelm I have felt has been me looking too far into the future and worrying about how I am going to achieve everything that I want to do. I need to get better at goal setting and planning my weeks. It is a perfect project within this inner peace project. To work out what is a priority, to organise myself and do little things day by day that will add up over time. To get intentional about organisation and planning.